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Special people leave a void for the people who remain behind. is the place for people to stay in touch with this special force in their life.

Write about these special people and upload the pieces, stories and contributions of the person's life. Links are here to connect you with causes and other resources which are important to your special person which make a sad time a time of remembrance - even without being at the funeral. is a place for people to remember people, for people to be remembered and to connect with others for whom the sharing of a person's life was a gift they received. This is the site to remember.

Immediate Help Available from Kevin Burch:

Here is a link to his helpful article on writing a eulogy Click Here

If you want really excellent guidance with the Eulogy you need to write, check out his downloadable book, Click Here.


Share Your Grief
Write a eulogy and share it with friends and family. Here you can also read obituraries, add your thoughts to a eulogy, send condolences and more.

Make Funeral Arrangements
In this section, you can locate funeral homes, cemetaries, crematoriums, burial at sea and other helpful funeral services available in your area.

Bereavement Resources
Find out what to do after the passing of a loved one. This section includes a selected readings and articles as well as resources for legal issues.

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"... and love the people in our lives like we've never loved before ..."
'The Dash', by Linda Ellis